The Old Man, Hong Kong

3 questions for…Nikita Matveev, Operational Director, The Old Man, Hong Kong


Nikita Matveev is a Russian born, Hong Kong based mixologist, bar manager, consultant and co-founder of bar ware brand. Over the past 10 years, he was working in a wide variety of food and beverage concepts in Russia, Macau and Hong Kong. Nikita is widely known to have reinvented the traditional cocktail bar to suit the tastes and senses of the 21st century. Sense of detail, playful presentation and outstanding service are the nature of Nikita’s own way of bartending.

Nikita began his mixology journey at the age of 16 when he started as a waiter in a local restaurant in his home country of Russia

Today Nikita is in charge of the operations at The Old Man Bar, an Award winning cocktail bar inspired by the 1952 Ernest Hemingway novel about a Cuban fisherman and the biggest catch of his life, The Old Man is the first Hemingway-themed bar in Hong Kong with a distinctly Asian touch. Located on Aberdeen Street with an award-winning bar team, fans and drinking connoisseurs alike can gather and sip on inventive libations in memory of the brilliant writer and cocktail enthusiast.

The Old Man is well recognized in the world stage. In 2018, being just over one year old The Old Man wins the Highest New Entry Award in prestigious list of best 50 bars in the World. Lately, The Old Man was ranked at number 9 in 2019 list, and number 15 in the recent edition of the Top 50 Best Bars, 2020. The Old Man also been awarded as number 1 in Asia’s Top 50 best bars 2019, and number 2 in 2020 edition.


We talked to Nikita Matveev, Operational Director of The Old Man Bar.

Thinking about your menu spontaneously, which drink comes to your mind first and why?

Doomsday, my fav drink, it is a perfume in the glass, combo of grapefruit, jasmine sherry, tonka gum and vetiver rye whisky makes an amazing pairing. We serve it with burnt steel wool which is infused with sandalwood, looks stunning.

What makes the location of your bar special?

It is fun coz it is in the centre but nowhere, experience our guest to find it, you need to go up the hill then down the stairs, no signs no nothing. Makes it special.

Why would you recommend a visit to your bar?

You never be alone at our place, you will have a blown mind drink experience here, we will cheers to Hemingway together


Bar-Name:                  The Old Man
City:                            Hong Kong

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