Terrass Hotel Rooftop Bar, Paris

3 questions for… Constance Vanoverberghe, Head Bartender, Terrass Hotel Rooftop Bar

Terrass Hotel, with its great „Bar Rooftop“ is located in the beautiful district of Montmartre. Small but fine food and drink selection and a very creative cocktail menu. Delicious Drinks are prepared and served with love by the team around Constance Vanoverberghe, Head Bartender. The view from the roof terrace, of the Eiffel Tower and all over Paris, is fantastic, especially in the evening. A place you should have seen at least once in your life.

We talked to Constance…

Thinking about your menu spontaneously, which drink comes to your mind first and why?

I think directly at „Sous la pluie“ or „Under the Rain“. It is a cocktail based on Tanqueray Gin, Saint Germain Liquor, Lemon, Pear and Cranberry Juices, and Kaffir Lime. My menu is adapted to suit each season. At the momemt this cocktail is our best selling. I opted for its fresh, floral, sweet side, with an original and asian citrus note. 

What makes the location of your bar special?

Our bar is located on the top of Terrass“ Hotel, in the district of Montmartre known for its artistic history. I love the view over all of Paris. We have the chance to see many of monuments to the City of Light from the top of our Hotel. Personally, my moment is the end of working day, when the eiffel tower sparkles and calm settles over the city turned dark. 

Why would you recommend a visit to your bar?

Our team is dedicated, kind and fun. Our bartenders apply themselves to make good cocktails adapted to the tastes of our customers (classic or creations). Our chef offers you snacks made with love. And we have a beautiful location and a beautiful view. What else? 


Bar-Name:                 Terrass Hotel Rooftop Bar
City:                           Paris, France
Homepage: https://www.terrass-hotel.com/restauration/bar-rooftop
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/terrasshotel/

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