Mariposa Negra Bar, Barcelona

3 Questions for… Luca Corradini, one of the owners and Bar Manager of Mariposa Negra, Barcelona  

Luca Corradini is Bar Manager and one of the owner of Mariposa Negra, an artisanal cocktail bar in the El Born district of Barcelona, famous for its gastronomy, art and streets full of life. A place of nocturnal creatures who love the pleasures of the night.
Mariposa Negra is inspired by Marina, a crime novel written by the famous Catalan writer Carlos Ruiz Zafón, in which we dive into a world of mysterious fantasy and supernatural creatures.

We asked Luca three questions about his beautiful bar.

When you think of your menu spontaneously, which drink comes to your mind first and why?

When I think on the Mariposa Negra menu the first cocktail that comes to my mind is Malaostia because I think it represents really well the meaning of our concept Mind To Reality. It is about achieving a specific aesthetic of colours and proportions thus creating the perfect cocktail for the perfect glass. I think that the mixture and texture of flavours and colours is something I worked hard on and it is the cocktail that I was most excited to launch on our menu because I knew it would be very popular and it would be very successful.
Malaostia signature cocktail is creamy, aromatic, citrus and sweet.
The recipe contains: Himalayan salted homemade limoncello, lemon, fresh basil, cream and boldo.

What makes the location of your bar special?

The location is very special because it is a hidden square in El Born in Barcelona, which makes the concept fit very well with what is the tradition of this neighbourhood, which is a very artisan neighbourhood. It also fits very well with the story of Marina’s book, on which we are based. This story takes place in Barcelona, right where this cocktail bar is located, where the clandestine surgeon, Michael Kolvenik, created his monsters which later haunted the nights of Barcelona.

Why would you recommend a visit to your bar?

Because Mariposa Negra has a unique concept, Mind to Reality, where much of the work was mainly based on moving away from the conventional and from what was already invented in cocktails. We wanted to create something very special that didn’t exist in the cocktail world. The interior design of the bar is also unique, it was not copied from anyone.
Both the concept and the interior of Mariposa Negra are 100% handmade. When you do things with your hands, the bar has more soul, it is another experience that is also different from the conventional. Therefore, the final product we offer, our signature cocktails, are 100% handmade.


Bar-Name: Mariposa Negra
Location: Barcelona

Where to find

Address: Plaza de les Olles 4, 08003 Barcelona

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