Salmón Gurú, Madrid

3 questions for… Diego Cabrera, Manager / Founder, Salmón Gurú, Madrid

SALMON GURU is one of the most revolutionary concepts in the world of cocktails and cuisine. A cocktail laboratory, managed by our specialist, Diego Cabrera, capable of inventing custom potions, alongside a team that accompanies him as faithful priests of ceremonies.

They understand cocktails as a discipline that requires accuracy, and then we practice it with ease and rigour. There is a cocktail for every moment. They are passionate and employ techniques.. Instinct is mixed with knowledge. SALMON GURU was founded in Madrid in 2016 by Diego Cabrera, Argentinian by birth, native from Madrid by choice. At SALMON GURU, they prescribe liquid prescriptions where happiness is found at the end of a cocktail, made in cocktail shakers full of past and present stories. SALMON GURU customises everything as long as our customers give us the only thing we ask of them: time.

In 2020 they were the 22nd of the World’s 50 Best Bars. SALMON GURU has also won awards by Academia Madrileña and Real Academia de Gastronomía.


We talked to Diego Cabrera, Manager / Founder of Salmón Gurú

Thinking about your menu spontaneously, which drink comes to your mind first and why?

Our Dragon daughter without a doubt. It is the most photographed cocktail on our new menu and it does not go unnoticed. People who come to Salmon Guru want to try that cocktail first and then others.

What makes the location of your bar special?

Salmon Guru is in the heart of Madrid which makes it part of an important gastronomic tourist circuit. Salmon Guru actively contributed to the positioning of the Las Letras neighborhood so that it is recycled and is, at the moment, one of the best and most fun as well as attractive neighborhoods in the capital of Spain.

Why would you recommend a visit to your bar?

If you like cocktails, if you like to live experiences you have to go through Salmon Guru. It is an eclectic place in constant movement and evolution, it is a 360º sensory journey that will undoubtedly change your perception of liquid gastronomy.


Bar-Name:                 Salmón Gurú
City:                            Madrid

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