Katalin Bene, Bar Manager, Live Bar, Genève, Switzerland

3 Questions for… Katalin Bene, Bar Manager, Live Bar, Genève, Switzerland

Katalin Bene is 34 years old and an ex-London bartender, and currently work for the innovative @m3groupe in Geneva, and you can find her almost every evening mixing drinks at the vibrant, newly opened cocktail bar, called Live Bar. 


She has more than 15years of experience behind the bar. 

• Falstaff Magazine „Bar Woman of the Year“ Award, 2019. 

• „Mixology Bar Awards“ – Shortlisted in the Top 4 Bartenders of 2019. 

• BRIFT Bar Convent „Best Mixologist Award“, 2018. 

• „World Class Bartender of the Year“ 2018, Switzerland.

• Winner of International Team Competition „De Kuyper Bar Fights“, 2015.

We were happy to ask her our three questions…

Name the coolest location where you ever mixed a drink.

Once I had the chance to mix cocktails at a private event at The National Gallery in London. It was during the Michelangelo & Sebastiano exhibition, definitely a once in a lifetime experience. But considering the relaxed and fun vibe, djs, and hipness of my current workplace, I find it really cool too though :).

What is your favourite drink to mix and which drink do you like best?

My favorite drink to mix is always the one I have in front of me. No bullshit, it is true 🙂

To drink, I like 6:1 Gibson Martinis with proper, pickled borettana onions, but I am equally fond of Scotch Highballs, Whisky and Fruit distillates in general. 

What is more important in your job: being the creative head or a „show star“?

As a woman behind the bar before it has been difficult to prove my worth, so it was important to bring a confident, strong character behind the bar. But despite that I really don’t want to steal the show, I believe in teamwork and everyones importance, and I don’t think I could live without continuous improvment, and creativity. #neverstoplearninghted

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