Geoffrey Gómez, Content Creator, Barcelona, Spain

3 Questions for… Geoffrey Gómez, Content Creator, Barcelona

Geoffrey Gómez, 27 years old is Owner of the GSprods agency, in which they take care of creating content, managing social networks and shooting photos and videos in cocktail bars and restaurants.

We became aware of Geoffrey and his company through some great video of bars and restaurants we saw on Instagram. One more reason to ask him our three questions… 


How did you get the idea to make videos of bars?

After spending many years behind bars, I realized how difficult it was to communicate what a bartender has in mind through photos and videos. Also, on several occasions, I worked as a bar manager and was in charge of communication on social networks, something that after time, I realized that it takes a lot of work and many hours to do it well, that is why I created the agency, to take care of of all these aspects to also free up work for our clients.

What is your favorite location where you ever shot a video?

The truth is, that I couldn’t give you a specific location, each space has its own magic and allows us to have more or less creativity. but it is true that there is a personal project called @goldenticket_bars that tries to bring together bartenders from different places and create an event in two locations where there are many surprises, cocktails and good people!
This year I’m going to resume this project so stay tuned!

Which projects do you have in mind for 2023?

In 2023, as I was telling you, I’m going to resume @goldenticket_bars which makes me very happy. Apart from this, from February we will also be present in Madrid since we are opening the agency there as well. We have in mind to make a second chapter of the documentary that I am making, the first called “a weekend in Barcelona” that you can see on my profile @geoffrey_between_bars and during this 2023 I want to reproduce it in two more cities. And another of my personal objectives is to continue creating projects in which we get the industry together to create content and that more and more people enjoy our trade.

Geoffrey on Instagram


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