Giuseppe Carneli, Lennon’s , Bangkok, Thailand

3 Questions for… Giuseppe Carneli, Bartender

Giuseppe, 28 years old, Bartender, Lennon’s, Bangkok

Giuseppe is 28 years old and the guy behind Lennon’s located in Bangkok. He started tending the bar at the age of 18. Lennon’s features an extensive 6,000-vinyl collection, which guests can play and experience as in yesteryear. The nostalgic yet contemporary speakeasy features signature cocktails inspired by the guests favorite tunes. 

Name the coolest location where you ever mixed a drink.

I have been lucky to work in amazing locations throughout my career, but I never felt so privileged as I do now when I mix drinks in Lennon’s. Being surrounded by so much music, history and creativity is something remarkable.

What is your favourite drink to mix and which drink do you like best?

I generally like stirred drinks, for various reasons — it is easier to control the dilution and more stylish to execute. I’m not a big drinker but sometimes I enjoy dark spirits and a couple of good negronis.

What is more important in your job: being the creative head or a „show star“? 

I think that both aspects are important but depending at what point of your career. For me, I’m the creative head. I let the rest of my team shine and be the stars of the show. 

Where can I drink Giuseppes mixed drinks?

Bar: Lennon’s
Address: 1041/38 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan Bangkok, 10330, Thailand

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