Amairani Rodríguez, Barmaid, Bronson Cocktail Bar, Leon, Mexico

3 Questions for… Amairani Rodríguez, Barmaid, Bronson Cocktail Bar, Leon, Mexico

Amairani Rodríguez is 28 years old and and mixing her drinks currently at Bronson Cocktail Bar in Leon, Mexcico. She is working as a bartender since 4 years.
– Second Place Ruta T15 by Brandy Torres México in 2018.
– First Place Historias Nixta México in 2020 during confinement.
– Third Place global in the nude glass by Remy Savage competition in 2020.

We were happy to ask her our three questions…

Name the coolest location where you ever mixed a drink.

Every bar I’ve worked at has made great drinks! But the most iconic are Dry Martini by Javier de las Muelas and Bronson Cocktail bar.

What is your favourite drink to mix and which drink do you like best?

The cocktail I enjoyed making most is the Bijou, and my favorite cocktail is the Gibson Martini.

What is more important in your job: being the creative head or a „show star“?

I really like the creative part in general, and I love doing preps, I am a person who likes to share the things I learn, making yourself known implies part of your work and knowledge.

Where can I drink Amairanis mixed drinks ?

Bar: Bronson
Adress: Calle Francisco i. Madero 411, Leon 37000, Mexico

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